About Me... 


It all started when...

I realised I couldn't draw or paint and I wanted a way to get the inside out.  So I came up with some rather strange creations in my Photo College days.  Perhaps one day, I'll be brave enough to exhibit them here, although they are rather textural and three dimensional.  The liquid light project on a doll didn't really adhere, so I can't show you that...  Previous to college, I worked as an assistant and became well schooled in the now diminished art of Black and White printing.  So much so, my right hand went pink, from the developer and the left went yellow from the fix (the chemical that kills the developer) whilst angry dermatitis invaded my face.  

After college I arsed around for a while, travelling here and there, like every good young man should, even doing a stint (Heaven help me) as a Cruise Ship Photographer - Classy!

I've been working as a Professional Photographer for around 15 years, cutting my teeth on the very fine publication that is the Hackney Gazette.  Whatever happens in life, the whole breadth of it is going to happen in Hackney, so it was an ideal place to start pointing and shooting for money.  I then carved out a niche working for a number of local authorities, including my beloved Hackney.  

There have been many great commissions since then with work appearing in the Guardian, Observer and Times Educational Supplement and many, many websites.  

My work took a focus on education and young people, with many fun commissions  from The Learning Trust in London. 

My true home however is Portraiture and the construction of some kind of environment in which an image can unfold.  This can be the use of shadows on a wall or the silhouette of a building or the drama of the clouds.  I'll stop the ramble there!